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Posted by Erica on August 7, 2009

Do you want your blog advertised on our website on the ads page? If you do, I’m having a contest for that! 2 lucky winners will get a silver ad! Check the Advertisements for info on what a silver ad is and how big you have to make the banner.

1. Make a banner for my site, and the one I like the best I will give them a silver ad.

2. Crack this code, and the first person who does it, gets a silver ad:


Send the answer to the code or the code to the banner you made to: info.cpc411@yahoo.com. If I like the banner enough, I’ll add it to my banner site: http://sites.google.com/site/etac14widgets/home


4 Responses to “Ads…..”

  1. qqaazz1 said

    etac ik know ur on u ust changed theme go on chat

  2. qqaazz1 said

    etac ik know ur on please respond

  3. qqaazz1 said


  4. Molly222 said

    ok thats sounds great ill see you there!

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