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:D New Stuff

Posted by Erica on August 10, 2009

Ok, so I had an idea……

I’m going to have a monthly thing….

Igloo of the Month

Style of the Month

So if you want your igloo or you outfit on our site, take a picture of your outfit and leave a comment here with your link to the picture! If you have a site we will put the link to your site in a post also!!


2 Responses to “:D New Stuff”

  1. Molly222 said

    ILL meet you today at alpine at the ice burg at 3:30 cp time sounds great see you there!

  2. disco70s said

    You really need some help!
    I can work for your blog if you want me too!
    My blog is almost 2,000 hits! Which means, I’m successful.
    Comment at my blog at http://disco70scp.wordpress.com/
    My email: snsnnguy@gmail.com
    Tell me if I’m in!


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