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-President of Club Penguin Weekly

-Catalog Cheats Editor

-Anything that needs to be updated Editor



-Newspaper Cheats Editor

-Party Cheats Editor



-Whats New Blog Cheats Editor

There are still some openings.

-Poll Manager

You make the weekly polls. You must know how to first, in order to get this job.


First, email me with a link to one of your creations, or comment here with a link to it. You will design the party invitations and header, plus banners. Anything we need you to design.


Igloo/Outfit of the Week Editor:

Every week, search around Club Penguin for your favorite igloo and 1 boys outfit and 1 girls outfit that you like. Upload it to photobucket or tinypic and post it on the sidebar. Post new ones every Monday.

-Back up Editor

If one of us are on vacation or can’t post, you can fill in for us.

If you want any of the positions, email me at info.cpc411@yahoo.com. You must have experience to do any of these positions.


2 Responses to “Authors”

  1. disco70s said

    Can I be the Igloo Catalog editer?

  2. qqaazz1 said

    penguins look so fat

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